Our People

Kent Olson

Associate since 1987

Kent is the President and owner of Olson Tire & Auto Service, Inc. Kent is the inspiration and visionary that hurdles the company forward. His unfailing commitment to the industry, his associates, and the community are matched only by his love for his family. Kim & Kent have two sons, Evan & Aaron.

Kim Olson

Associate since 1988

Kim is Kent's wife and the backbone of the company. She handles the office aspect of the business, keeping the books in order. She also is one of the emotional keys to the company by providing Kent with the stability he needs to commit the time & energy to our business and his volunteerism. She has brought her special bond with children to bear by befriending all of our associates little ones and sharing their wonderful fascination.

George Dellich

Associate since 1996

George comes to us from Upper Michigan and is our lead customer service manager. With his U.P. personality and friendly smile George has served our customers with honesty, integrity & sincerity. At first impression somewhat imposing, his real strength is his genuineness. George's beautiful two daughters, Kylee and Annika keep him busy outside of work. From his back ground as a technician through his development into a service advisor, he has been a valuable member of our team.

Dylan Thompson

Associate since 2005

A family man with three energetic and engaged young kids, Dylan and his lovely wife Rachel have their hands full. Dylan came to us as a parts room specialist. Since joining our team he has expanded those abilities to include being both an ASE certified parts and service consultant. He is truly adept at locating those hard to find parts so our technicians can serve you. He is developing a great knowledge base for all aspects of the tire & service business and is one of our strongest leaders for our team. He is truly committed to legendary customer service.

Evan Olson

Associate since 2009

Easily the toughest position in any company is being the boss's kid. Not only does Evan have the broad shoulders needed to be that guy, he has begun to develop a real camaraderie with the guys. A natural for customer service, we hope to provide him with enough experience to supplement those skills while he attends college. He graduated from Newman Catholic High school in 2011 and as with many young students; the future goals are still undetermined. Kent and Kim are proud of the kindness, the sincerity, the honesty and the compassion that he demonstrates on a daily basis. We celebrate our son's growth!

Becca Weisenfeld

Associate since 2016

Becca is our newest shining star in our guest services department. An honor student at Northcentral Technical College in the automotive technician field she really knows her way around vehicles! She graduates in December with her Associates degree. She has two puppies (big ones at that!) at home that fill her time in between tutoring for other students at the college. We welcome her quick smile, infectious laugh and boundless energy…and Kim loves to have another girl to talk with here at Olson’s!

Aaron Olson

Associate since 2012

Kent & Kim's youngest son Aaron has been working here since his sophomore year in high school. A bright, engaging, and energetic young man, he makes our operation a true “family” business. Having recently graduated from Newman High school, he is studying first here at University of Wisconsin – Marathon Campus before desiring to follow his father by attending the University of Minnesota. Being quite an accomplished golfer, Aaron makes our Olson Tire team pretty formidable – both on the front lines & on the golf course!!

Marty Hille

Associate since 1991

Marty has been with Olson Tire & Auto since January 15, 1991, and in all these years has not missed a single day of work!! Marty is married to a wonderful woman, Karen, and enjoys camping and restoring his classic Ford Galaxie 500. His great laugh and sense of humor keep us all smiling. An ASE certified technician in several areas, Marty's strength is being one of the best alignment technicians in the area.

Jon Salzman

Associate since 1999

Jon has proudly raised four children to young adults, and he is a technical mastermind. His knowledge of all things electrical helps him truly excel as a technician. He is one of our real leaders in technology and teamwork. Jon is an ASE Master Technician and L1 Engine Performance Specialist and a great mentor for the younger technicians. In fact, he has recently expanded his mentoring to include some adjunct faculty work at Northcentral Technical College. We are pleased to support that initiative.

Boyd Kelley

Associate since 2006

Starting as a youth apprentice in his junior year of high school, Boyd excelled learning valuable work skills in that fabulous program. Continuing his education at NTC he achieved ASE certified designation and has become one of our young fabulous technicians. A true "gear head" knowing all things mechanical he has become one of the great success stories of trade school education. Quiet when he first joined us, he now shares a tremendous wit and quick smile. One of his great loves is building and "playing" in the demolition derby!

Carl Lang

Associate since 2007

Carl is a hard working and talented technician. With him on board we now boast a stable of ASE Master Technicians with L1 Advanced Engine Performance Diagnostic Certifications. He has been committed to advanced technical training over the years and has our teams' largest toolbox. It even has a pizza oven in it! His recent addition to his life is a brand new baby boy named Braxton. Congratulations Carl!

Tyler Bergeson

Associate since 2007

Tyler is one of our graduates from NTC in the automotive technician degree program. Tyler is also an ASE certified technician and also recently became a new father! Congratulations to him and to his wife Dani on the birth of their new baby girl Maddie. Tyler's knowledge and skills have grown tremendously since he began his employment with us and he continues to demonstrate true professionalism and personal growth.

Tyson Krause

Associate since 2011

Tyson came to us via the Youth Apprentice program as our first student from Merrill. When he showed up at first with his hat on crooked we thought oh boy, we were in for a wild ride…but my how some impressions can be wrong. Tyson has been identified by ALL my staff as having a fantastic, innate sense of all things mechanical. We are pleased to have assisted him in continuing his education at the technical college. He completed his degree in the spring of 2014 and has now also achieved ASE certification as a technician. Courteous, engaging and quick with a smile, we are pleased we took an extra chance to gain another great young man and technician.

Tou Fue Her

Associate since 2013

Tou is another of our graduates of Northcentral Technical College. We are so pleased to have him and to have and support a great program like NTC as part of this community. Tou speaks four different languages pretty fluently – a real tribute to his thirst for knowledge. His skills have already been noticed by our lead technicians and mentors. We are expecting great things from him as he continues to grow with us.

Kyle  Ullenbrauck

Associate since 2014

Kyle began his youth apprenticeship with us with an impressive interview. In the spring interviews at North Central Technical College he wowed both Kent & the other interviewer with his energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to take on the tasks…..right then & there! Since his hiring he has continued to demonstrate that boundless enthusiasm. We have very high hopes for Kyle in his two year apprenticeship and his future in this field. He has demonstrated tremendous growth in his early mentoring and we are confident we have met another future star in this industry.

Nathan Kloth

Associate since 2014

Nathan continues the trend we have established of finding and hiring NTC graduates for our business. A young man anxious to learn, he has a bustling family. Along with his wife they have four captivating young children. Their house is always full of energy and excitement. Nathan seems to have great resolve to improve not only himself, but the families opportunities.

Steve Gilbertson

Associate since 2010

When you want your baby to shine- Steve's your man. He has so much expertise in detailing and caring for vehicles appearances that Kent can kiddingly poke fun at his "experienced" associate ( read older ). A true magician in making every vehicle look its best, he's been a Godsend to our detailing business. He's got a great golf game, which fits in with some of us here, and an engaging laugh. We enjoy having Steve take care of our guests' vehicles, from our courtesy wash all the way to our best deep clean. Give us a try and you and your car will be even "Happier".

Becky Kopp

Associate since 1996

Becky came to us straight out of high school. She currently works part time, helping with projects. She was the project mobility manager for the program we helped develop called Wheels to Work and responsible for much of its success. One of Kent & Kim's joys has been watching and sharing young people's lives as they have grown within the organization. Today, with her husband Jeremy and daughter Kaitlin, she has become a classy young lady, great mom, kind friend and valued associate.