6k Service

What We Do...
Everything we do at 3K Service plus. . .

  • Replace Wiper Blades using premium product.
  • 100-Point Courtesy Inspection. . .a complete bumper to bumper check of every operating system and accessory.
  • Rotate Mounted Tires and inflate to manufacturer’s recommended PSI.
  • Computerized Spin Balance of mounted tires.
  • Happy Day Car Wash – Exterior hand wash, clean wheels, spot-free rinse, jet dry interior

$69.95for most vehicles.
(only $49.95 for those who have our $42 Lifetime Balance/Rotation package)

Why it pleases your car

Your tires carry a heavy burden, both literally and figuratively, in helping your vehicle perform well. Their job is to take on all the hard knocks that the bumpiest roadway can dish out and cushion your vehicle and you from its punishing effects. But an out of balance tire (one that, with its teammate wheel, is not perfectly round) not only compromises ride quality. It and your vehicle’s bearings, shocks and other suspension elements can look forward to a shorter life. Rotating tires on a regular basis recognizes that demands on tires are different in each of the different wheel positions, side to side and front to rear. Rotation allows each tire to experience the full range of demands and contributes to even, equal wear for the set of four.

Why it pleases you

It is an indisputable fact. Tires that are properly inflated, balanced, and are rotated on a regular basis last much longer than those that don’t have this care. You get more miles out of those tires without compromising safety and the comfort of your ride. And a comprehensive courtesy inspection spots potential troubles before they happen and sets you up for miles and miles of worry-free travel and a reduced risk of costly repairs