30000 Mile Service30k Service

What We Do...
Everything we do at 3K, 6K and 15K Service plus. . .

  • Clean and Flush Transmission System.
  • Flush Brake System.
  • Flush Coolant System. . .clean and treat with sealant.
  • Happy Day Car Wash – Exterior hand wash, clean wheels, spot-free rinse, jet dry interior

$399.95for most vehicles.
If differential services required, add $79
.95 per axle w/o gasket replacement. Add $69.95 for transfer case service.


Why it pleases your car

Tired transmission fluid that is dark or discolored most likely is burned and has lost its ability to dissipate heat. Its viscosity has broken down leaving the transmission vulnerable to failure. But a power clean and flush and replacement of fluid helps your transmission do, efficiently, what it is supposed to do. The brake system power flush removes harmful moisture that causes rust and sludge to form and causes brake fade, pitting of caliper pistons, and conditions which lead to brake fluid leakage. In a normal process, as your engine heats and cools, metal deposits are introduced into your radiator fluid. As this happens, the PH is changing. The longer that fluid stays in your system, the more corrosive it becomes and the greater the risk that your engine will run hotter and that cooling system components will fail.

Why it pleases you

Flushing the various operating systems in your vehicle helps you get the maximum return on what may be one of your biggest investments. And it can save you money in the long run. Take the brake system as an example. Most antilock brake components are not repairable and are very expensive to replace. . . some costing thousands of dollars. A brake system flush is an inexpensive way to maintain brake system integrity and to insure its reliability.