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What We Do...
Everything we do at 3K Service plus. . .

  • Replace Air Filter using premium product.
  • Power Flush Engine Oiling System using premium friction-proofing cleanser.
  • Happy Day Car Wash – Exterior hand wash, clean wheels, spot-free rinse, jet dry interior

$159.95for most vehicles.
($139.95 if air filter not required)

Why it pleases your car

The modern, finely tuned automobile engine is a highly sensitive creature. Its close tolerances make it vulnerable to even the tiniest amounts of contaminants. As we have said, regular oil and filter changes are the single best way to protect your engine and prolong its life. But even with the most conscientious care, up to a half quart of oil is left in the engine with each oil change. This oil, in the form of sludge and deposits left in the oil pan, in the valve train,or in the upper part of the engine can clog oil return ports and build up around piston rings and valve seals. The result? The oil on the oil stick looks dirty immediately after a change. Your engine may start to burn valuable oil. The beneficial impact an oil change is diminished. But a power engine oiling system flush using a special cleaning solution and premium engine oil removes all of those harmful deposits and allows the fresh oil to perform the way it should.

Why it pleases you

Getting rid of the gunky residue that stays in your engine when oil is drained helps you make sure you are doing all you can to get top performance and maximum fuel efficiency from your engine. Flushing your engine oiling system periodically is not required by the manufacturer, but our experience has convinced us that it is a procedure that pays off in the long run.