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The Olson Tire and Auto Team would like to welcome you all to our new blog!  It may look the same visually, but we're excited to announce that starting fresh in the spring of 2017, our website's blog page will feature a monthly stream of informative and fun articles.  The full details on what you can expect can be found below, and we'll have even more as time goes on!


New on our blog ...

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Happy Car Care

Happy Car Care Service Plans

You're happy because...

...you're getting the most out of your investment. A well-maintained vehicle costs less to own and operate. It uses less fuel. It experiences fewer costly breakdowns. Its value is greater when you decide to sell or trade it in. And if repairs are needed, they likely will cost less than they would for a vehicle that is poorly maintained.

Your vehicle is happy because. . .

. . .it's getting all the loving care it wants and needs. Today's vehicle truly is a mechanical marvel. So much so, it's easy to take its amazing performance for granted. But just like a highly skilled athlete with good muscle tone and fitness, it requires a diet of ongoing maintenance to keep it performing at its best. Dirty fluids, worn parts and indifferent care can rob your vehicle of the ability to fun ...

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Awards, Recognition and Service Standards

Awards, Recognition and Service Standards

Awards Received:

  • Wisconsin Association for Leadership in Education & Work – Business & Industry Partner of the Year – 2001
  • Wisconsin Governor’s Exemplary Employer of the Year – 2003
  • Wausau School District  - Friends of Education award – 2002
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction – Business Friend of Education of the Year
  • 2005
  • Wausau Area Small Business of the Year Nominee – 2001,2003,2005

Industry Acknowledgements & Affiliations:

  • ASE Blue Seal of Excellence facility – one of first in the state and continue as one of 24 statewide & approx 1,200 nationally
  • Motorist Assurance Program Certified - again, less than 70 statewide, one of very few to have both distinctions.
  • AAA approved repair fac ...
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Community Involvement

We’re happy to be active in your community.

Current Community Involvement:

  • North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board Appointed Member
  • NCWWDB Executive Committee – current Chairman
  • Youth Council Of NCWWDB
  • Wisconsin Automotive Youth Apprentice Curriculum Advisory – Board Member
  • Wisconsin Automotive & Truck Education Association  Board Member & Co-Chair 
  • North Central Technical College Automotive Advisory   Board Member
  • Wausau Elks Charities & Committees
  • Newman Schools
  • Carquest Dealers Advisory Council
  • Goodyear National Advisory Council   - Appointed member
  • Transportation Cluster Initiative Committee  - Member
  • Grow Regional Leadership Committee  - Member


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