3K Service3000 Mile Service

What We Do...

  • Change Engine Oil using a premium quality product.
  • Change Oil Filter using a premium product.
  • Add a Premium Oil Supplement.
  • Lubricate Front End Components (driveline, steering and cable guides where applicable).
  • Top Off/Fill all under hood fluids (up to 1 qt antifreeze).
  • 100-Point Courtesy Inspection (a complete bumper to bumper check of every operating system and accessory) 
  • Happy Day Car Wash – Exterior hand wash, clean wheels, spot-free rinse, jet dry interior

$29.95for most vehicles.

Why it pleases your car

Oil is pumped continuously through your engine to keep moving parts from rubbing together and to prevent wear. In the process, the oil picks up tiny foreign particles which the oil filter traps. But over time, heat and pressure take its toll and oil loses its effectiveness. Regularly changing the oil and filter is the simplest way to help your engine live longer and to delay or eliminate the threat of costly engine repair. Use of an oil supplement makes a premium oil work even better to keep your engine clean and free of contaminants like sludge and varnish.

Why it pleases you

Since your engine is running clean, it is running smoothly and evenly. And delivering the power and performance you expect. And that engine is going to live a more productive life without rebuilding. And with a greatly reduced risk of costly, inconvenient breakdown.